Few words about "POL-GUM"

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  POL-GUM is a firm with many-year tradition( it was founded in 19867) in rubber and metal and rubber products making. We manufacture them according to modern technologies.

Our products are delivered to:

- KGHM "Polska Miedź" (the biggest plant of copper in Europe)

-KWB Turów (leading mine of brown coal in Poland)

Goods we manufacture are sold on the overseas markets as well.

We produce:

-rubber gaskets for machinery industry, mining industry, metallurgy and agriculture,

- rubber elements to belt-conveyers,

-rubber elements to pipelines,

-rubber elements and rubber and metal elements for motor industry (jackets, rings, muffs), and many other products for various branches of industry.

We are able to take up production of units of maximum dimension 1300x2000 [mm].

We use modern technological solutions. There are used rubber mixtures on the base of caoutchoucs: NBR, CR, EPDM and NR.

Thanks to exact control control of the production process we make goods of the highest quality what is testified by CERTYFIKATE EN ISO 9001:2008 we received.

Our products ansure the highest standards in:

- oilproofness,

- hardabrasibility,

-flameproofness (slow-burning). We have a certificate of WUG-Wyższy Urząd Górnictwa (State Mining Industry Department) letting our products be used in undergound excavations).

- resistance to aggressive environments.

Rubber products also can be made from other, special materials which are not included in our offer, according to individual agreements.

We are open to all proposals connected to technical gaskets designing and producting.

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